UI/UX Problems With Trading Apps

To buy a stock a user has to fill the number of stocks then select type of order and after that its validity. So easy to use and minimize the confusion and cognitive load we divided the task in 2 steps. After that when user taps on next button we displays the other 2 option . We used slider instead of text field to make it limit or stop order to make it easy for use. We made “Good till cancelled” as a default selection so that user doesn’t get confused what to do here.

Let’s take a look at four challenges a designer should keep in mind when working on a fintech app and how to overcome them using best practices. If an entrepreneur doesn’t comply with the domestic laws of the country they are doing business in, their app is going to be penalized. In some cases, they can get a fine of up to $10,000 — or they can be suspended from interacting with stocks in any intuitive user interface for cryptocurrency trading way. Millennials have seen several financial crises play out around the world, and the last couple of years brought with them new challenges. After witnessing their parents and grandparents losing all savings in a bank bubble burst, having a secure safety net has become a top priority. From the dotcom tech bubble of the 90s, the GFC of 2008, the pandemic and now, the cost of living crisis.

Key Takeaways

UI/UX principles are all about making your application user-friendly and simple, especially in the fintech field. For someone who has never dealt with exchanges and trading, a stock investment app may look incomprehensible. That’s why the ultimate goal of fintech UI/UX design is to provide a clear visual ecosystem, which will help a user to dive into trading stock markets. The Robinhood app just made it look like he did by showing [an] incomplete trade. Despite his relative inexperience, Alex had properly hedged his bets, setting up trades that would mostly cancel each other out if one failed.

  • After successful signup user can search stocks or investors but to purchase a stock they have to create a trading account and link their bank account with it.
  • Post the MVP launch, you need to provide regular updates to stay competitive in the marketplace and provide quality technical support to your users.
  • Take into consideration important aspects such as font size, color contrast, and compatibility with assistive technologies.
  • There must be no extra distractions that will influence the website navigation.
  • In those cases, the user must be made aware that their purchase price is approximate.
  • To make sure the app performs as intended, each of its features is tested.

Successful UI/UX design is a result of mixing up art, technology, experience, strategy, and engineering. Keep in mind that it’s going to be difficult to find users who will test your product for a full, eight-hour workday, so be thoughtful and careful with these designs. While every project is unique, fintech UX designers will encounter some common challenges. If you don’t know where to start with these topics, Investopedia is a comprehensive clearinghouse of information on personal finance, cryptocurrency, and more. Additionally, many financial publications have free newsletters. The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, the Financial Times, Barron’s, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, CNBC, and Axios are popular in the English-speaking world.

Designing An Admin App For Managing Small PGs (Paying Guest Accommodation)

A business analyst would be the one on your team handling such tasks and be in charge of your app transformation. We may not even realize that there are dozens of micro-interactions in the applications we use in everyday life, but they definitely affect our experience. Micro-interactions are winning users because they provide feedback on their actions or requests. Animation is usually a good way to boost user experience and add some joy to something as serious as a stock market investment app. So you made a decision to give a fresh look to your application.
UI/UX problems with trading apps
If given more time, we would love to explore the service seller’s user flow for selling a service to another user, as well as the flows for posting an offer and a need. 4-Simplify the onboarding processThe onboarding process can be simplified and streamlined to make it easier for new users to sign up and start using the platform. This could include a step-by-step guide or a tutorial video to help them understand the key features and functions. To gain deeper insights into the app’s users, I took a creative approach due to the unavailability of direct user reviews. By meticulously analyzing user feedback on the Google Play Store, I uncovered invaluable insights into their experiences, opinions, and pain points. This involved identifying common patterns, recurring issues, and positive aspects highlighted in the reviews.

Usually, such solutions include lots of symbols, like $ or €, as well as decimals. Be careful about your fonts and make sure these symbols look good in the UI. Let users track their own performance, see the stats and analytics. Some apps also send auto-generated reports every once in a while to keep users updated and engaged.

From professionals to college students, the investment culture has been on the rise like never before. If you’re looking for a seasoned team for your trading app redesign, GBKSOFT will be happy to help! As to how much time is needed for redesign, it depends on every project.

The workflow involved multiple tools and external systems, outdated spreadsheet design, and in some cases, manual work. As a brief note, due to the specifics of the project, and some legal constraints that apply to it, I am only allowed to share a limited part of the outcome of this professional venture. The regulatory landscape is extremely fragmented, constantly being updated, and the institutions responsible for overseeing financial technology vary based on location.
UI/UX problems with trading apps
The software provides metrics and insights on trading and allows users to track their stock and options trading without the need for expansive and complex spreadsheets. It’s impossible to create a user-friendly design ecosystem without conducting research and analyzing user behavior. In case you already have an active user base, it would help a lot.

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