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Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Chatbot by Angela Allan

facebook chatbot for real estate

The real estate industry is one of those where communication plays a crucial role. However, not every person who contacts a real estate business is a qualified lead that will buy a flat. Hence, many real estate agents waste their time responding to the same questions from leads who will never return to sign a contract.

You can use them as online assistants for answering the FAQ section or collecting customers’ personal information. But first, let’s find out what benefits chatbots bring to real estate businesses. The AI chatbot assists with lead qualification and routing leads to team members based on the property address or neighborhood information the prospect provides. Ask Avenue is a messaging and lead routing platform that helps to drive conversions and engagement for real estate businesses. On this plan, you can manage client email conversations and set up Facebook and Instagram chatbots. Chatra is one of the best chatbots for real estate sales because it allows great flexibility.

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This increases the level of engagement with the leads and brings up the chances of making a sale. By uploading your agency’s database and FAQ documents onto your chatbot, you can answer all of your prospects’ queries. If you have enough budget to build a feature-rich bot with third-party integrations, consider developing a platform-based or custom AI chatbot. In both cases you will need help from a chatbot development team, since complex platforms, and custom code in particular, requires specialists with considerable expertise. Hiring chatbot developers for your real estate agency has numerous advantages.

  • You can signup here and start delighting your customers right away.
  • Chatra is a cloud-based chat platform focused on creating solutions that help small businesses sell more.
  • The complexity of your bot should be based on your business needs.

Another way to use chatbots is to send your leads drip sequences via Facebook Messenger. You can send them listing updates, educational material, or anything else you want. Hopefully, you found the right chatbot and were inspired enough to build your bot sequence for your real estate business.

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Instead, you can create a script-based one-task online assistant. Thus, you can choose among bot builders in this article. Such DIY chatbot platforms are user-friendly, have a drag-and-drop menu, and have low charges for publishing a bot. By using these platforms you can develop a simple bot for your website, messengers, or social media such as Facebook. At the same time, consider that bot-building platforms do not provide a lot of room for customization of a chatbot interface. Such bots are programmed to answer simple questions or perform simple actions.

How else was an oil worker living 100 miles off the mainland supposed to find housing for the off-season? As I darted from message to message, I was swept away on a whirlwind tour of the US rental marketplace. The only way to keep pace with the inbox was to go into a state of focus so intense that at times I felt on the verge of astral projection. I heard nothing and felt nothing, not even the cues of my body. I sometimes became light-headed, and it would occur to me that I hadn’t been breathing.

It is proven that chatbots have enhanced the company’s sales by 67%. The reason behind it is that chatbot is a platform with pre-programmed software which is proficient in attracting customers, thus increasing sales. At a much faster pace, AI chatbots can offer huge volumes of information and solutions. In today’s scenarios, customers wish to get results fast and conveniently.

facebook chatbot for real estate

Financial institutions that provide consumers or businesses with loans are always looking for ways to get more applications. Likewise, chatbots can be leveraged in more creative fashions to generate leads. Dozens of brands with large marketing budgets and initiatives, such as Disney, Uber, and Kayak, are using chatbots to connect with their customers and sell more products and services. You will be able to advertise specifically to them (for less cost than to advertise to a new audience) and you’ll retain the connection to the person (via their phone). 1) To scale your business – A chat bot can be your personal secretary or answering system of the most common questions people have. Like what’s the price of a property, open house dates, qualifying questions etc.

Now that you’ve connected your page, you’ll be taken into the actual chatbot builder. Chatfuel has a fairly detailed tutorial you can follow, though it’s not as good as this guide. Traditional lead generation for both B2C and B2B marketing involves a lot of advertising and calls-to-action, such as “download this ebook,” to capture the lead for a sales follow-up.

They do not have to wait for assistance from a human agent in order to seek answers about the property they are interested in. Let us assume a visitor is looking to move into a new place or a potential seller is looking to sell their apartment. With bots being deployed across a plethora of industries such as healthcare, e-commerce, retail or hospitality have made a significant impact in terms of ROI and customer engagement.

  • Setup fees start at an eye-watering $795 if you sign up for their yearly payment option, and $995 per month if you choose to pay monthly.
  • You can build such a bot for providing users with relevant results from your real estate catalog and lead qualification.
  • While it may be beneficial to have leasing agents or real estate virtual assistants available 24/7 to answer questions, it’s not sustainable.
  • A real estate bot can answer questions about the process and provide updates on what’s happening with a sale or purchase.

Chatbots are really just the presentational form on to any application;

It just happens to be messaging based (voice or text). The system kicked me out, and my credentials were immediately deactivated. The maelstrom of chatter that for nine months had swirled around me was now in an unreachable place, inaudible to me again, as it was for most people. This way, trends can be identified between customer and bot interactions. After the bot asks the clients questions to qualify them, it can schedule a meeting between a realtor and the clients if they are a great match for a property listing. You can design a bot that asks these qualifying questions with reply buttons.

Leasing agents wear many hats, from communicating with prospects to handling lease renewals for current residents. In order to stay on top of things, the best leasing agents turn to artificial intelligence tools. While this emerging technology may seem futuristic, you’ve likely interacted with many AI assistants before!

Regardless of age, people prefer messaging over calling or emailing because it’s simple, fast, and not intrusive. Messenger and text messaging has also become a great way to communicate with businesses in regards to simple questions like the price of a home for sale, or the open house dates. But we also know that we have to answer the phone when it rings, or pick up the chat when it pings!

This lets you build a list of people you can send “broadcast” messages to in the future (similar to building an email list). Chatfuel also lets you automatically send people into a conversation with your chatbot when they comment on a Facebook post. Most chatbot software will let you embed a button on your website that will allow a visitor to start a conversation with your chatbot. There are a couple of other ways you can use your chatbot to communicate with leads. A “broken” chatbot is one that leads someone to a dead end, or worse, an infinite loop. Facebook Messenger is also the most popular messenger app in the U.S. with over 1.2 billion monthly active users.

Lead qualifying bots can help firms improve operational efficiency and cut costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Property management chatbots are capable of performing some of the below-mentioned activities which help companies to increase the number of leads. Previously, individuals were given tangible copies of forms to fill out to record the sort of goods they were interested in.

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So, you can easily connect your chatbot with your existing CRM. A real estate chatbot is a type of AI virtual leasing assistant that automatically answers questions and inquiries from prospective tenants. For example, a real estate chatbot can answer questions about your renting guidelines, the application process, and other frequently asked questions.

facebook chatbot for real estate

Buyers and sellers can easily book new appointments, receive reminders, and take part in online promotions in a few clicks — so you can boost your revenue instantly. Having a Chatbot communicating with your prospects on your behalf can be a great way of helping them understand what you do and how you can help them. Appointments – a bot can book appointments for home inspections or listing appraisals, arranging a convenient time for you to visit a client’s home. Of course, this doesn’t cover every base of customer interaction – but it’s a good start. This is why top-of-the-funnel leads can be shy about leaving contact info.

facebook chatbot for real estate

There are two ways to create your real estate chatbot on Facebook. You can build a real estate chatbot using the Facebook Messenger app, which involves a knowledge of coding. However, if you use a smart real estate chatbot, you will get more and better contact information for top-of-funnel and mid-funnel leads. This bot builder also offers drag-and-drop functionality to easily create messenger bots, so no coding skills are needed. They make it easy to program an automated chat sequence for your messenger communication and tailor it to your real estate marketing needs. Join the fastest-growing digital platform for real estate agents and teams.

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